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Songwriting Basics with Kelsey Joanne Rogers

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The Only Practical Course for You


1. Writing a melody with examples
2. Writing lyrics with examples, ideas, form
3. Adding Chords and Harmony
4. Exercises to practice songwriting: writing a verse, writing a chorus and more

Have access to a Computer
Have access to Musescore (free)
All Levels welcome

This course is accessible to anyone that wants to write songs and lyrics. Everyone with a passion to write songs should know how to navigate and start putting pen to paper without any writer’s block. Learn how to easily and efficiently write melodies, lyrics and harmony. This course is unlike any other as all examples are done in real time, so you can see the actual step by step process of songwriting. You’ll be able to listen back to your music and learn some of the great tools needed for being a songwriter! In this course, you will learn all about the different elements that make up a song in a practical way as the writing will be done in front of you. An amazing learning experience with professional musician, composer and professor Kelsey Joanne Rogers.

Are you struggling to get going with your music and passion? Frustrated by the insurmountable but unhelpful information out there? I’ve been through that and didn’t know where to turn, until I learnt the secrets I will share with you in this course

“Live for each second without hesitation.” – Elton John

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Course available for 60 days
Course details
Duration 2 hours
Lectures 4
Video 30 minutes
Level Beginner

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