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Reflective Paper on Composing the piece, _Allurement_

Kelsey Joanne Rogers_Reflective Paper.pdf

Ever been interested in understanding the composition process of music?  This reflection gives an in depth insight into the process of creating Allurement. A look into the composer’s mind. Enjoy!


The purpose and intent of this project is to provide an analytical discussion about the creation of a musical piece; from beginning to end. As so often, most believe that the compositional and music process is: one of intrigue and mystery in which only few talented people possess and can forge. However, this project serves to demystify the development and creation of music; as it will lead you through the following stages: initial concept, the writing of musical notation, recording the music and finally assimilating the final audio that will be distributed for use. Additionally, the initial leg begins with the music, and so it is a reversed look at the relationship between music and media. This project was designed to ensure fulfilment of the Degree of Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games at Berklee College of Music. The implications of this project are written for the assiduity of both musician and non-musician to provide a wholesome approach in which all can partake and enjoy!