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Legal Services

Tune Roads Legal provides legal advice and representation to a wide range of clientele.
1. All Companies that require music contracts for use, copyright, composer agreements etc.
2. Individual artists, bands, record companies, management, publishing companies, digital labels, streaming sites and many other music related companies.
Our main aim is to provide accurate and up to date information on all issues surrounding music law, representing our clients and offering a service that suits and promotes their position within the industry.
You can contact us for any music law related advice and receive a totally independent service as we are run as an Independent Music Legal Advisory unaffiliated to a law firm. 
We provide a variety of services and information on all areas of Music Law including:
Legal Advice On Any Music Related Query Including All Types Of Media (such as movies, adverts, video games etc) 
Contract Drafting And Analysis
Copyright Law
Record Deals
Management Deals
​Publishing Deals & Sync Deals
Digital Distribution Deals
​Band Agreements 
Song Placement/Single Song Publishing Deals 
PRO Registrations
Music Licensing and Registrations
Legal Advice on Sync In Media

We look forward to working with you! ​

Legal Advisor

Jean-Jacques van der Nest
Jean-Jacques van der Nest is a legal advisor who is passionate about music law and ensuring that the artists in the industry are empowered through copy right protection, correct licensing and fair and equitable contracts.
Jean-Jacques van der Nest was educated at the University of South Africa where he completed his Bachelor of Law (LLB,Hons).
He continues to work as a legal advisor in the music industry and diligently fights for the rights of the artists. ​