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Music for Media

Music For Media

Whatever your needs, contact us to to provide you with the best music to fit your media seamlessly.

Music available in many genres and professional formats

What We Do

 We will Create and deliver custom songs, musical score, concert, jingles, commercial or game music for your film, video, game, promo, app, commercial or any project or media; keeping faithful to the overall direction and message. 

We’ll dedicate ourselves to your project to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result

Based on your specifications, we will meet the time frame of music you require. Our pricing and rates are based on how many minutes of music we create for you, which can be anything from 5 seconds to an hour or more.
We will deliver the track in an uncompressed, interleaved WAV format to ensure you have the highest possible sound quality. However, if you would like to receive another format, you need only specify and we will provide you with what you prefer.

We Compose music based on either a particular style, genre, theme, thought or mood. For example, you could say: I would like an energetic song with elements of adventure. Something similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.’ If you’d like you can provide a focus, direction or reference or if you’re not entirely sure; you can let us compose the music to what we think is befitting to your project. The more details you provide however, the closer we can get to what you have in mind and implement your concepts. In any case, we hope to get the delivered project as close to what you had hoped it would be.

We produce your music using Logic Pro, Cubase, Digital Performer and Protools, which are digital audio workstations that meet and excel within the professional industry standards. This allows for a high-end level of production and sound quality. We retain the right to sell the song elsewhere unless the user desires otherwise, in which case, we offer an additional option for the buyer to purchase an Exclusive license of the piece.
We can also provide additional services for you e.g. ensuring your music can loop seamlessly, mastering the track, recording your music live, creating different versions (e.g. full track, track without vocals, only piano track)

We look forward to working with you! ​

Services Offered