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About Kelsey Joanne Rogers

“Creativity is the road that always leads to bolstering diversity and promoting future prosperity.”– Kelsey Joanne Rogers.

Kelsey Joanne Rogers is motivated and passionate about providing a climate for change in the music industry.   

Having been born and raised in the sunny rainbow nation of South Africa, a country with eleven official languages, Kelsey has become accustomed to a vast array of cultures and people – those living, in both poverty-stricken and affluent societies. Having discovered the extremities and consequences, she endeavoured to find and create opportunities in the artistic field. 

Kelsey’s creativity emerged and was kindled by engaging in ballet and violin lessons from a young age. She was also involved in a variety of sports and cultural activities which included: soccer, swimming, netball, hockey, waterpolo and drama; whilst always being interested and actively involved in her community.

Having obtained a Master’s certificate in orchestration for Film/TV from Berklee Online, as well as her degree in Composition with a Minor in Conducting from the Berklee College of Music in Boston; she has now moved and enrolled in Spain, choosing to complete a Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television, and video games.
Kelsey Joanne Rogers is a composer, songwriter, orchestrator, conductor and arranger in many genres and types of media, as her clientele are based all around the world with many different projects. Kelsey Joanne Rogers is also passionate about teaching, with over 9 years of experience in many subjects. Due to her diverse background and experience, Kelsey’s intent is to pursue avenues to cultivate and encourage others to explore many exciting opportunities.

“My aim is to remain mindful of all the possibilities ahead and to orchestrate their realisation.”– Kelsey Joanne Rogers.

Artist Statement

There’s nothing more captivating than noticing that which goes Unnoticed. I compose music to create a transformation in how we perceive our current situations.

My compositions are based on the belief that music has the ability to change our situations instantaneously – by positively shaping our perspective and outlook.

Music is effective throughout each sphere, culture and land. The only universal language, and surprisingly the only one that still has so many timbres unexplored. I am very passionate about composing, as there are so many unchartered musical facets and challenges ahead – creating, communicating and analyzing.

Thus I am engrossed by the endless possibilities and will pursue these ideals wholeheartedly. My compositions are rooted in expressing and combining different timbres.

The range of popular music today, mainly revolves around a standard “Band” ensemble, which I believe can be expanded and diversified, within each style, to obtain a greater height of intellect and emotion.

Due to my classical and violinistic background, I have found the orchestra to be especially powerful. However it has been used minimally nowadays, with even, the purely classical concerts: losing trend, appreciation and vigour. This needs not be the case. ​

Thus I endeavor to write music for a broader base of instrumentation by creating more combinations; within today’s numerous styles and forms. Not just, within the orchestral range, but also by writing and combining native instruments as well as modern popular instruments. This will elicit an unheard fusion. I believe that by noticing that which normally goes unnoticed; we can expound upon our silver linings.    

I hope to grasp and maintain respect for music that stems from the times of my African roots, folk-like medieval tunes, through the romantic large orchestral era; and right up to our modern songwriting and technological era – in order to connect the little black dots though the ages.

Many lives have contributed to getting us where we are today, and I seek to take those profound accomplishments and weave new connections together – in the hopes of creating a tasteful tapestry of music.

Excellence doesn’t make life worthwhile or full of love, but the discovery of the hidden, sometimes even the beauty birthed from pain; far supersedes any approbation.

Thus I write from a place of expression, seeking to uncover the beauty within us all.